No. 1 Thai Green Tea of Chiang Mai,
YodCha Brand

“People all over the world are having tea everyday”

…….The production of Thai green tea to be fragrant and delicious is not about picking tea leaves and baking. It is the craftsmanship of blending the most refined tea that we, YodCha, specialize in. We export YodCha products worldwide and produce for many brands in Thailand.

We use a tea that can be harvested only once a year, our signature green tea.

…….Almost 5 years that green tea in the high mountains of Chiang Mai will produce a perfect tea ready to harvest with farmers’ patience. Farmers will trim the tea during late winter and then harvest in spring when the green tea plants produce young shoots. Our first tip is to harvest the freshest young shoots during the new spring period. Although we produce tea for export, the harvest is still traditionally made by hand. The reason is that a machine may damage tea leaves and make green tea taste too bitter. Then, skip for 7-15 days before the tea can be harvested again.

…….From Chiang Mai green tea on the mountain to our original signature product, “Chiang Mai Green Tea Latte,” with a soft pastel green color. The unique dark flavor of natural green tea comes with a gentle, smooth, and intense texture resulting from the production process. The original ingredient of “Chiang Mai” style is that tea is baked in a clay oven made from the Ping River soil, which is enriched with natural minerals. The process combines traditional Japanese methods and moves ingredients to our own factory in Bangkok with GMP, HACCP, and ISO standards. Therefore, we are the controller and manufacturer. We also take care of every production step, from the mountain to packing. Then, the barista will create various menus with our best green tea that is full of good benefits from nature.