``Our goal is to ensure that YodCha Café
will generate sustainable cash flow
for franchise owners.”

What is the sustainability of YodCHa Cafe Franchise, and how YodCHa is different from other franchises?

  1. Our tea and coffee are roasted in-house in every step, not order production like other franchises.
  2. We have our own roasting plant in Chiang Mai and Bangkok, producing with high standards with the export as GMP, HACCP, and ISO Standard.
  3. We developed the “Green Tea Latte” formula with exact production techniques, as Japanese tea needs to be produced using large machinery only.
  4. We have our products under the YodCha brand sold in department stores all over Thailand, and we export products abroad to enhance the brand’s reputation

Therefore, we do not focus on expanding franchises too fast since we cannot take control thoroughly. Besides, there will be many consequences for our head office’s factories, goods, and cafes.

Why ``YodCha Cafe`` franchise is difficult to pass franchise criteria.

The reason is that “Sustainability” is our primary objective since sustainability comes from partners who especially understand the coffee and tea business. “YodCha” does not focus on sales; we also care for farmers who cultivate tea and coffee in the high mountains of Chiang Mai with sustainability for the whole system.

Therefore, we need “Franchise owners” who care, understand, and are ready to focus on agriculture with us through franchise management with genuine love and care.

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