Chiang Mai Original

…….With positive feedback from the beginning of production, YodCha brand, a fresh tea from the high mountains in Chiang Mai is delivered to cafe operators across the country through retail-wholesale dealers, bakery shops, and Makro. YodCha product has been the best seller since the first week of release and keeps selling well as a top 3 recently.

…….YodCha Cafe under the name YODCHA CAFE Chiang Mai Original’s first branch opened at Major Ratchayothin, 2nd floor, with the objective to become a learning center for making premium beverages for entrepreneurs to see the process of extracting tea and coffee as an authentic Chiang Mai style to properly extend the experience for branch owners.

…….With positive feedback from customers, as well as positive word-of-mouth across famous pages, our highlight is we are provinf fresh tea leaves in the cup to chew and drink. Our tea also has a good taste, nice aroma, and lovely pastel colors of “Green Tea Latte” made from real green tea from Chiang Mai has a mellow and delicious taste like the finest green tea from Japan. Therefore, many people began to inquire about opening “Franchise”.

…….Finally, “YODCHA CAFE Chiang Mai Original” is now ready for franchise opening with the objective of not opening too many branches. In addition, we consider partners who are consistent with the brand only for comprehensive and sustainable control. This will lead our brand into a new era under the strength “The finest green tea cafe from Chiang Mai Thailand”.