No.1 The original Thai Green Tea,
Chiangmai of Mr. Prayong

…….1,200 meters above sea level, deep into the natural forest, is the Thai Green Tea garden that grows with purity. Green tea raises a bouquet of young shoots to receive the sunlight that shines down thoroughly on the ground. This is the source of the finest ingredients of “Yodcha” brand.

…….We freshly picked green tea week by week through a combination of traditional Chiang Mai style that Mr. Prayong taught to overcome the original style with the unique Japanese process to enhance the rich aroma, taste, and benefits of the Thai chia leaves.

…….Initially, we used a mineral-rich Ping River clay kiln to bake tea before combining the green tea baking process with a High-standard machine for exporting products abroad with GMP, HACCP, and ISO standards. We adhere to the formula of Mr. Prayong to ensure the quality of all green tea leaves through a minimal oxidation process to make the taste of green tea soft and smooth. Moreover, such process also enhances the pleasant scent, tasty, and softness of green tea, just like you are drinking green tea from fresh green tea while staring at the white clouds floating and lingering on the skin.

…….Thai green tea, a unique strain that is the main ingredient of the Yodcha brand, can be harvested once a year, resulting in the production of each year being different. However, we want to refrain from importing or using green tea leaves from other sources since Mr. Prayong always said that the production process can be combined with modern machines. Still, the number 1 tea leaf is in Chiang Mai, his hometown only, and should be the farm that Mr. Prayong specified and has been used all the time until today.