how to brew

How to

extract Chiang Mai green tea, YodCha brand

…….YodCha green tea is more fragrant, intense, and smooth than premium green tea because Chiang Mai green tea (Thai Green Tea) species has a unique breed. It is harvested only once a year, and the production differs from the other green teas in the market.

Therefore, to complete the extraction of tea with nice colors, fragrant aromas, and premium taste, this is the correct method for tea extraction using a coffee machine.

What you need

  1. Coffee machine
  2. Circular coffee filter paper

Tea extraction process, YodCha brand

  1. Place the circular coffee filter paper into the coffee sprig.

2. Then, put the tea in and do not press firmly.

  1. The tea can be extracted immediately using water to flow for 2 minutes.
  1. You can use the tea to create a premium menu as needed.